What Jake Appelbaum did to me
Nick Farr

When I dove into the community at the urging of a mentor back in 2008, Nick was one of the first people I ran into, and we even did a podcast together shortly after that. He is one of the reasons I embraced the community, part of the reason I know so many others, and am still part of the community today. It saddens me that this kind of BS goes on and runs people off.

Of all the communities, none other should understand the importance of exposing corruption, abuse and extortion more than the hacking and InfoSec communities. No community is better skilled at navigating those waters, and dividing ways to expose bullies and charlatans than this community. This is one of the core reasons I volunteer on the technical review board for Peerlyst’s Secure Drop.

No one should have to suffer someone like this in silence.

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