Why Medium is one of the only places I read blogs anymore

This is a response to my friend Nick’s post about why he’s leaving Medium. I promise I’m not just posting this to be contrary — I really like Medium. I also realize that I’ve never had a post that’s even several orders of magnitude close to what Nick has experienced, so I might see Medium in a very different light if I were in Nick’s shoes…

Reading blogs is time consuming. It seems like everyone has one now, and many of them are not worth reading. It isn’t that people don’t have important, interesting or insightful things to say, it is that they don’t know how to say them. The average blog has about a paragraph that you really came to read, and the rest is background, foreground or repetition of things already said.

You can write a bad blog on Medium just as easily as anywhere else, but there are some specific things I like about it.

  1. It is very easy to follow blogs you like.
  2. Functionally and aesthetically, it is a pleasure to read and write in Medium.
  3. The mobile app notifies me when someone I follow posts something new. I know this sounds stupid simple, but by comparison, the last time I used an RSS reader, I had north of 200 feeds going into it with thousands of unread posts.
  4. Commenting and sharing is amazing: I love the fact that you can choose to comment on the whole blog, or you can highlight one passage, sentence, paragraph or phrase and link your comment to that. Context is important!
  5. Save to read for later and ‘like’ functions. I don’t have time to read many things. Most of them go into Pocket just so I know I haven’t “lost” something I want to read, but I know I’ll never go back and read them. In Medium, I can just bookmark something if I don’t have time to read it. Similarly, based on what I like and what people I follow like, Medium is great at recommending other reads for me.
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