Let’s start off by getting the acronym explained, SIEM or Security Incidents and Events management have become a crucial technology applied either as a software service cloud platform or as a virtual Server in your Infrastructure. Its main goal is to take logs from all your crucial systems and correlate them into meaningful useful prioritized alerts to help your organization teams make a well-informed decision about ensuring the right action is always taken at the right time.

It is “SIEM” but its also a “SOAR” Security Orchestration Automation and Response which is a system that does exactly what it says. Azure Sentinel allows you to collect logs from anywhere literally. Any technology that ships Common Event Format (CEF) logs over port 514 can integrate with Azure Sentinel. …

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This week I spent a day exploring what has changed with the crucial component of DR which forms part of a good Business Continuity plan and process. Often people mistake the two and even split the responsibilities across departments and if your organization is SILO driven then you always going to be voiced with reasons why something can not be done and not voices willed with the innovation of how IT can enable the business to do this and that.

Technology enables us to do

We know that technology enables us to do more and this has continued to increase. We also know that Information is increasingly digital and so is the way we work with that information. We create connections and manipulate data for analysis so that we can get the best out of the various viewpoints within our business teams so that information can enable us to do more. It is no surprise that automation is on the increase and IT should promote our success by what it brings to the table. …

We have seen Biometric controls in the shape of Finger Print readers on Laptops for 15 years so nothing new there, only people care about having it more now and that is a good thing.

For the manufacturers like HP and Dell who often included the scanner as an out of the box feature it was not really a sign of seeing the future and no discredit to their good decision giving what the enterprise needed but also personal computer users at home too.

It important to mention this tech is not particularly expensive either to manufacture but an incredible hassle free way to allow sign on to a computer. …

I have spent a lot of time over the past 1.5 years mixing good Form, practice and method with cutting edge technology which means practically “ Doing things better”.

Not because of a history of doing it not so good, but by believing and committing to the practice of continuous improvement.

I recently committed to an Agile PM Practitioner 5 day training session which is where this story begins.

I was pleased to choose the “ Attend from Anywhere Option” for my training and have the pleasure knowing I would be sitting this course in my Home office where I have everything in my environment to my satisfaction. …

Sawan Joshi

Cyber Security Executive CISM CND CYSA+ MCSE AWS & Practitioner in Agile, Prince2 and ISO 27001

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