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We had a very busy November at bZx, so here is our monthly newsletter “The Shipping Manifest” with key takeaways.

TVL Growth 📈📈📈

In November we achieved another all-time-high TVL in ETH, according to stats, with 100% growth over the month:

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On November 18th, MakerDAO is transitioning away from Single Collateral DAI toward Multi Collateral DAI. MCD introducing new features and collateral types to MakerDAO. Here’s what you need to know:

Lenders (Fulcrum)

If you’re a lender, you don’t have to do anything. We will be opening a new lending pool for DAI, but you can keep your assets in SAI. If the rates for DAI become more attractive than SAI, we will be facilitating conversion through the UI without requiring you to withdraw your assets.

When you’re ready to convert, just press a button and it will happen in a…

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It was another busy month here at bZx, so here is our monthly newsletter “The Shipping Manifest” with key takeaways.


Fulcrum shoots to #1 spot on Kyber according to the latest ecosystem numbers, making up 48% of their entire DeFi volumes, nearly more than everything else combined, posting an incredible 91% growth in trading volumes.

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We are happy to announce that iTokens are now available on Eidoo. This provides a beautiful and easy-to-use mobile interface for earning interest on your existing digital assets. Eidoo is among the first three interfaces to provide this unique and powerful functionality.

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We have tons of updates, but we don’t always condense it in a bite-sized form. Our community is dizzy at the pace of new updates and it can be hard to keep up, so we want to introduce you to a new format in our blog: monthly recaps. Each month we are going to publish a short breakdown of what’s done and achieved.

Without further ado here it is:

Torque release

Released the first version of Torque, our ENS-enabled borrowing that lets you get into a loan as easily as sending ETH to dai.tokenloan.eth. Web3 support coming in October.

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Monero kicking out ASICs

Monero is having scheduled upgrade on March 9, 2019(block 1788000).

The scheduled network upgrade introduces four major changes:

  • some changes to the dynamic block size algorithm to fix the big bang attack.
  • a third PoW tweak (CryptoNight-R) to curb the ASICs currently present on the network and further preserve ASIC resistance. As a result, miners will have to update their miners (i.e. mining software) as well.
  • a dummy encrypted payment ID is now added to each transaction to improve transaction homogeneity.
  • the development team simplified amount commitments by shrinking the size of amount encodings and using deterministic masks. These changes…

Let’s talk about how you are as a coin developer can earn money with your project. I want to shed some light on how coin’s developers are making money from their open source cryptocurrencies.

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image by True Agency on Unsplash


“Pre-mine” it is initial coin distribution to the wallets controlled by developers or founders before releasing code to the public. Notable that near 60% of Top 100 Coinmarketcap are pre-mined coins.


- A predictable amount of coins right from the start in a hands of the developers.


- The community will blame you all the time that you are selling pre-mined coins. It’s good…

So one day you woke up with a plan of creating a new coin. Then somehow you’ve forked suitable codebase from GitHub, added your unique features and even probably launched testnet and eventually mainnet too.

And now your community asking you those question over and over again.

When Exchange? When moon? When lambo?

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I bet you’ve seen this already at your community

You are dreaming, that you can get listed on exchanges without paying listing fees or in the worst case you can ask your community to vote.

Let me ruin everything. It’s 2018. Exchanges want to get paid in real money for listing and they ask a lot. …

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