See…. “plenty of interesting stuff” is subjective, the fact that one punch man is on your list has…

It’s all subjective. Like, I thought Terror In Resonance was pretty good too, but that has plenty of haters as well. I don’t know what’s going to stimulate you, man. I can only say that Rolling Girls, Flip Flappers, OPM, Mob Psycho, Kiznaiver, Monogatari and JoJo’s have some of the most adventurous animation and visual language in the format. If Watanabe is your bag, you might be more into like, Gangster or Joker Game, which are more grounded, or K, which is visually vibrant. I dunno, ZnT is a pretty weird choice as being representative of Watanabe’s work but with NGNL I’m guessing you’re into mind games, in which case, just watch Durarara.