Imagine yourself walking over 1000 miles in the desert with no food and no water. You will crave for water while being thirsty. You will crave for food while starving. After some time,Someone came and gave you food and water.
What is the first thing that triggers to your mind? The happiness of getting food and water right? The moment you see food and water is the moment you believe in God. You probably consider the man who gave you food and water to be a God or God's messenger. But actually, the food and water itself is God.

We are programmed for believing that the God is person. Our mentality is designed in such a way that brahma, vishnu , shiva is God for us. Allah provides us everything. Jesus took care of us. Do we really believe these things? Actually, we ourself is God. Everything around we see is God. Infact, LOVE is GOD.

We knew the value of food and water when we didn't have it . Lets try to look everything around us like the way we looked at the food and water in desert . We wouldn't know the beauty of blue sky, moving clouds, unless we get out of the 4 walled prison. Plants give us oxygen but we were never ever thankful for it. That could be the reason why we worship God as to remind ourselves that we need God. We need love and we need life, we need existence.

We worship peepal tree as the remembrance of lord VISHNU. We are fed with the pseudo knowledge of worshipping God but we are never fed with the fact.
Brahma- the creator who creates ,birth
Shiva- mainly known for destruction, death
Vishnu- we worship peepal tree because it has the capability of releasing maximum oxygen than other trees, because vishnu gives us life.

Means peepal tree gives significantly beneficial oxygen. Life itself is G0D for us. The oxygen we inhale is G0D for us. The sunlight that leaves takes for photosynthesis is GOD for trees. Trees take carbondioxide that we exhale .See how everything is connected? Trees are GOD for us and we are GOD for trees that summed, the whole existence itself is GOD including human beings.
The nature has everything we need but we have always took it as granted.



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