No, I Am Not Taking My Husband’s Name
Ozzy Etomi

I’m Kenyan and my husband is Jamaican. In our tribe our last names came from the time of the day we were born. And no, I don’t have my dad’s last name either. All my siblings (6 of us) have different last names. This does not make us any less related. I also chose not take my husband last name coz i have my own name. That whole patriarch mess can go to hell for all I care.

As women, we are always forced to conform to these societal norms out of tradition, but what if we just said, hell no, I’m doing me, the world will still go on. You may be called rebellious, feminist, blah, blah, blah who actually cares.

I believe labels come and go, being married doesn’t mean I lose me. It just means I chose to accept someone to tackle this thing called life together. With or without his name doesn’t change the experience.