Panel Report 2

The way Jake presented his ideation process reminded me a lot of the IDEO design company. Jake’s process is to first sketch all of his wild and crazy ideas and then he puts them up on the wall to make sense of it all. This is what IDEO did too so it seems like there is a pattern of what is the best ideation process. It’s caught on to a lot of different companies so it must bring success. One thing that Jake talked about was after making sense of all the ideas you should synthesize it and put it in a slide show to present. I think this is key because you need to be able to present your ideas to other people outside of your work space. I plan on practicing the three techniques he mentioned which were write, draw, and speak. You need to have these in order to successfully communicate your ideas.

Katie’s focus was how other cultures go through an ideation process or conduct user research. I thought she explained why she studied buddhism very well and it was because she wanted to see how the different ways of communication among this culture affected their user research. She was also looking for something relatable that she could maybe find an innovative way to use in her work. She found that they have a very non-materialistic view meaning they don’t hold on to things like our society tends to do, they also don’t objectify things and collect them as their own based off of experiences. They willing to try something completely from scratch and they aren’t afraid to do that, which could lead to break throughs if our culture could adapt that lifestyle.

Taking what I learned from these individuals, I think it’s safe to say that I need to improve my sketching skills. Also, to be as thorough as they are I would need to spend more time on the sprint and more time ideating before I carry out the task. Spending more time with the user would be helpful as well.

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