Trip to the Food Market

I chose to go to Safeway for my user research. It is nearby so I walked there to observe three practices. I observed “the shopper”, “the stocker”, and “the check out.” In each of these practices, I wrote down notes on what I saw, what the people/person was doing, how they were doing it, if there was any problems, how and who they interacted with in the store, and how long it took for me to observe each practice.

Interesting Data that could have potential?

Everyone’s grocery store runs seemed to run smoothly and everyone knew their way around the store. However, improvements can always be made. I noticed the woman I was observing shopping in the produce section, had a bit of trouble figuring out which sign went to which vegetable especially when they were similar looking. I was thinking that stores could implement a better system for finding the vegetables they need and very much so for elderly people who can’t see well.

Was going to the location you chose a good decision?

I enjoyed going to the Food Market mostly because I was familiar with it so it gave me a better idea of where to go , what things to watch out for, who to observe, some background knowledge along those lines. I think the bus stop might be a little more interesting though because a lot of different things can happen because there is so many different types of people. I suppose in the Safeway I went to, there is a lot of different people but it seems different because there are crowds who wait for a bus, there isn’t any chaos in stores or at least the goal is for there not to be. It might be more enticing to observe in a place that has more going on so the observer would stay more entertained.

Consequences to my actions

I definitely should have planned my trip out better. I was very sloppy at organizing my data while I was in the store and it took me a while to get started because I didn’t know how to go about it. It all worked out but if I was more prepared I might have gotten better data. If this was a more serious project for a company that I was working for then this might be a problem and I would have needed to spend many more hours researching users to get the best data if it was being used to design something. Next time I’ll be better prepared and know what to expect since I have experience with this now!

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