Addiction in college, who is fighting this?

Stacie Mathewson is a philanthropist, visionary, and a national advocate for collegiate recovery from addiction, and is making a huge change nationally.

While recognizing this issue of addiction; Mathewson has Started many programs, like NRAP, and the On trac program. Realizing what an impact college can make on someone at an early age, she has launched a unique perspective to tackling this problem of addiction, and working towards a recovery program that works with everyone.

At an early age, she saw the problems with addiction and how they can tear a family apart. Growing up with a father that is an alcoholic, she knew that this was not the route she wanted to take in life. In addition to her father having an addiction, her son also had a chemical dependency on a substance. The addiction eventually took a toll on her son, passing away from an overdose at an early age. From then on, she made it her mission to help students and families fighting this problem. Committed to erasing the social stigma that comes with people with substance abuse disorders, she is shaking things up nation wide. To date, Mathewson has won 14 awards for her innovative ideas and efforts in the field.

Mathewson has a very unique qualification to making a change in this field. With many years of business and entrepreneurial success in the real estate market, she has the tools to make these organizations succeed and to make a change With her non profit organizations, she has helped hundreds of students see that they have an addiction, and figure out what the next step is. All of her programs are funded out of Mathewson’s pocket. With the tools she possesses, the passion, and the drive, Mathewson is turning heads nationwide, making college a safer place to be. Her strive for curing addiction is relentless

An Alaskan Native, she now resides in Reno, Nevada, with her husband. She has supplied 100, 10,000$ grants to programs nationwide. She views that the students that are attending college have a leg up on people that are not at a collegiate level because you are surrounded by programs and people that are willing to help you. With her programs, she has lead UNR to be one of the top campuses nationwide for our sobriety programs.