My Project Proposal

Historical Overview

Most of my focus will be on the stock market and how it has changed overtime. I will mainly stick to the market crash of 1987, also known as Black Monday. The article that will take me through the crash of the market is written by Donald Bernhardt. He will take me through, step by step, what happened.

Evidence of Social Injustice

The crash of 1987 was arguably caused by institutions that used program trading so that they would not suffer when the market crashed. The social injustice of this situation is that these institutions sensed that the market was going to crash, and kept it to themseleves. By keeping it to themselves, they have an advantage to make more money through shorting stocks, and everyone else has a disadvantage because they are losing money when they incest into a stock.

Every Day Hero

The Hero of Black Monday was, indeed, the stock market rally team. They helped get the stock market back on its feet. Without the stock market rally being present, it is very possible that it could have taken many, many years for the market to get back to its original state.

Literary Assignment

I am more than thrilled to be reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis. I have seen the movie and it has inspired me to read the book. Also, I am very interested in majoring in business when attend college. I will be exploring all of the themes throughout the book and analyizing chapter by chapter. I have three weeks to read the book, and I will finish my assigment with an essay. I can not wait to begin.

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