Are Retailers Embracing RFID Technology?

The creation of RFID technology is something that has been done primarily to help many enterprises that deal with the sale of clothes boost their sales as well as improve their inventory keeping techniques. Although the use of RFID technology is something that most companies should embrace, recent surveys show that a majority of these apparel businesses are still lagging behind on its adoption. Thus, it is proof enough that most retailers either fear using this new technology or lack awareness on its existence. The use of RFID systems that incorporates tags, barcode readers, and sales software only account for about 8% of the total apparel businesses in the U.S. and Europe that have introduced it into their operations.

These surprisingly small numbers have come about because many retailers only want to test the technology, but not to use it. To this end, developers of this technology think that their product is breaking ground when current demographics prove otherwise. Another factor that might contribute to the low turnover in RFID technology adoption is because many people in the apparel retail industry happen to be conservative. To this end, they rarely test new waters until they become completely sure of how a particular factor will be able to impact their lives.

The low percentage in the integration of the first-generation RFID technology into the apparel retail industry has also come about due to the exorbitant costs that accompany the installation of these systems. Retailers have particularly been discouraged to install these systems since it strains the little profits that they make at the end of the day. However, companies that produce these systems have come up with newer and better technology that is cheaper to acquire. As a result, things might turn out for the better sooner or later.

Whereas the percentage of penetration of this tech to retail stores proves to be rather discouraging today, the situation is projected to improve come to the end of this year. Presently, most people prefer shopping for clothes and footwear through the internet. To this end, such a unique demand from customers has compelled apparel retailers to integrate RFID technology into their operations. What RFID technology developers have to do is come up with a system cheap enough to install, and also that is easy to operate. Getting rid of all complications is one of the ways that will attract apparel retailers to this innovation.

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Also, RFID developers have to be aggressive in their sales and marketing strategy. If there is any chance for change, they ought to show retailers how this new tech will impact their businesses. In so doing, many apparel traders will become aware of this innovation and might even opt to introduce it into their daily operations. Technology developers also have to find a way of changing the perspective of many retailers, so that they can sell and install more units to attire selling businesses. With the above recommendations, they will surely win the hearts of apparel retailers in the United States and Europe.

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