Rules are meant to be broken(ish)

I’m not a rebel, really. When I’m building something from Ikea, I lay everything out while I read the instructions for fear of missing a step. I always pay for the bus, even if the three people behind me don’t. I always use my blinker when changing lanes. I file my taxes on time.

What do I do when I’m not playing by the rules?

  1. Don’t find your one passion. Explore all your interests. Attend a festival, a concert, a farmer’s market, a Meetup, a coding class, and a poetry reading, all in the same weekend.
  2. Talk to strangers. Say hi. Ask for their name. Share a story. Compliment them. Small talk is highly underrated.
  3. Eat dessert first. If you eat your treat first, you know you always have room for it.
  4. Don’t act your age. Age is just a number and no one likes math. Let your freak flag fly, or, if Netflix and pajamas is more your thing, get after it.
  5. Have a beer before 10 am. Especially if it is baseball season.
  6. Be happy in public. Give yourself permission to be silly, to dance when Whitney Houston comes on the radio in the department store, to stop and take a picture when you see something that makes you smile.
  7. Be vulnerable. As a woman, I’m told to be strong, to “lean in.” Well, I’m emotional AND I’m confident. Screw what society says. I’m going to be me.

And… so… what’s the point?

Life is messy. We laugh and we cry, we study and we apply, but sometimes, really, it’s OK to just…be.

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