From the artist/curator Mike Scagliotti:
“Shattered is an installation that signifies the myriad particles of a single moment of consciousness. When an individual’s mind expands in a single moment of epiphany, something leaks out of the gaps. Additional gestures and shapes of ideas that have influenced the moment are birthed by the collision of mind and time. The trail of consciousness is palpable, almost visible to the naked eye. But it dematerializes in the course of the moment. The mind shards scatter and sift away as realization gives way to the consciousness of everyday life.”
Like Christmas in July, artist Mike Scagliotti dropped by the Lottie Rose House with a bag of toys. The artists took to them, twisting body parts into incongruous forms, breaking plastic figurines, and tearing the innards from stuffed animals like demented elves.
Ben Kish and Tom Franco got all wrapped up in the show as models for the disembodied tape figures.
And there is lots more to come, including paint in all the wrong places...
Stop by the gallery this Saturday to unravel the mysteries of where mind meets time, hit up Mike or the contributing artists about finding inspiration in the moment and the material, or break a toy and rearrange a few things yourself.

Lottie rose Art House. 6117 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA. 5 PM. 07.11.2015.


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