Don’t quit your job just yet. My job is one of my best assets right now. It’s got a steady, consistent Return On Investment. All I have to do is spend 37.5 hours there and get some work done. I hear of people quitting their jobs to go all in with their passion. Don’t. Do it on the side, gain traction, use your job income to fund it. It will teach you better time management and what hard work really looks like. It’s never as sexy as the Internet makes it out to be.
I am 10,000 days old today — here are 50 things I’ve learned so far in Life
Johnson Kee

This is an excellent point Johnson Kee! I have thought about quitting my job several times to pursue my passion, yet I do not have the traction to survive off it yet. A better plan is to arrange my schedule and try to move to part-time instead. Good thoughts.