Returns processing just got a whole lot streamlined!

Lets face it! Returns are not fun. However , as an e-commerce seller , offering a streamlined return process is key to customer satisfaction and delight.

Earlier in the year, we introduced the ability for you to generate return shipping labels directly from our dashboard by a single click. When you generate the return shipping label, you get an option of having the item returned back to Shipbob or to your own location for inspection.

Earlier in the year, we introduced the ability to generate a return label from the Order Details page.

Today , we are releasing another major product update for the returns functionality.

On your dashboard, you should see a new Returns tab right below the inventory tab.

The return orders, which are expected to come back to our warehouse appear under the Awaiting tab.

The returns tab allows you to view the orders which are coming back to the Shipbob warehouse using the return label you provided your customer or came back to us because of a failed delivery to the customer.

Returns Order Details page.

You can click on the return order Id and add/edit the items in the order to inform the Shipbob team know what to expect when the order arrives at the warehouse. You can even add comments on the page to let the team how to process the order when we receive it at the warehouse.

Once the order is received at the warehouse, the Returns team will update the order status to Processing and send you an email to inform you about the arrival of the product. team processes the return, they will change the status to completed and will either re-stock it or follow your instructions from the comments section. Once the return order has been successfully processed, our Returns team will change the status to Completed, indicating they have completed the return.

Returns which have been completed appear under Complete tab.

Orders which failed to get delivered appear as Delivery Exception in Processing.

For the orders which come back to Shipbob because of a failed delivery will appear under the Processing tab with the status of Delivery Exception. We will send you an email as well to inform you about this return order. You can again use the comments to tell our team on how to process the return.

This is step 2 in our process of streamlining returns for you. Let us know how you use this feature! As always, we are hearing your feedback and improving! So do send me an email at . Would love to hear back from you all!.