Did you know that you can increase your number of AG8 Coins?
Use the Bibox treasure box and earn additionally staking awards up to 30% per year!

When you hold VTX, you can interact with the smart contract to Stake some or all of your tokens to the staker pool.
You choose how many VTX you want to stake and how long you would like to Stake for.
While your VTX is in the staker pool, it earns a % from that pool for up to 300 days, proportional to the size of your stake and its length (the longer you stake, the greater the return). At the end of the Stake, your VTX and any additional VTX earned during the stake period are paid out.

Where you can Exchange VTX:


Donate :
BTC : 16wSsJBNqaULHorYx2usxXsZuffGA3axSt
BCH : qqahw7wt5glqrjh9lsevgrrkgypqknzw9uky842mjp
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Price now : 0.011$

Volentix project going to launch stakes for VTX and the ICO was 0.55 $ And now the price is 0.0013$, because investor of the project volentix the price we will increase very hard and very soon.

My recommendation : Is to buy all what you can and stake it. the price will reach 1$ and this is a big profit for you.

Download now: http://volentix.io/verto/



#MANABTC (Short Term)

Buy: 0.00000548–0.00000521

Target 1: 0.00000564
Target 2: 0.00000586
Target 3: 0.00000630
Target 4: 0.00000712
Target 5: 0.00000822

Stoploss: 0.00000508

Invest: 3%
Risk/Reward: 5% / 54%

In this article, I want to crunch the marketing numbers of one of the most discussed ROOBEE project in the recent past — Roobee. All of the facts within this article are sourced from public outlets and nothing stated here should be recognized as financial or investment advice. The author is not affiliated with the Roobee project.

What Is Roobee?

Roobee brings forward a blockchain-based investment software platform that takes advantage of transparent records and Artificial Intelligence (AI). …


Blockchain provided technology that could reach consensus across all nodes of the network without a centralized individual or entity. That was originally designed to achieve consensus through complete redundancy, storage replication, and re-execution of computing across all nodes of their networks. Theoretically, it can be expected that this result is in a non-computable environment. Real-world computing and extensive data on Blockchains is impractical or even impossible. Despite the growing popularity of blockchain, there are still issues such as blockchain privacy and scalability that limit the use of blockchain. Off-chain and second-layer scaling solutions are often considered a treatment for blockchain…

The cryptocurrency market has long moved into high-quality technologies. Every time we get acquainted with a new cryptocurrency project, we understand how much its possibilities are endless and how interesting they can be applied.

After all, wherever you go, there are flaws everywhere, the solution of which can be easily found, it is enough to apply only new first-class technologies, where each process is performed much faster, better, safer and safer.

As opposed to other projects based on blockchain, Wolfs Group OÜ is already active on the market and the projects it is involved in are either in advanced stages…

Volentix Trading Competition

Join the VTX trading competition on

and share the prize pool of over 15k VTX.


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1strade is stunning to examine. He or she was founded by a company called 1strade which is engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing. The 1strade has the same meaning as harmony and happiness. On the flip side, if you select an aquarium since you think that it is the ideal feng shui fish cure, but neither you nor your house actually like it, then its energy won’t work as an excellent feng shui cure for you. The 1strade fish can swim upon the stream, hence it’s also believed as the sign of courage and willpower. The frog is another symbol…


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