The Best Tool for Growing Your Restaurants’ Delivery Sales — Commission Free!

Jul 23 · 5 min read

Surrendering high commissions to third parties such as Grubhub, Doordash and Ubereats does not have to be the reality. Nor does falling victim to hidden fees and possible scandals, as we recently saw with Grubhub overtaking the domains that are rightfully owned by their restaurant clients. This will not be the best tool for growing your restaurants’ delivery sales.

This should not and does not have to be the reality. There is a way to offer “direct delivery,” while cutting delivery costs by at least 50% and paying no commissions on orders placed. Not to mention keeping your branding, customer data and relationships, and ability to sell direct to your customers.

It turns out that this will not only be significantly more beneficial on the restaurant operations and financial side, but your customers prefer ordering directly from restaurants for delivery as well! They also do not like being charged these hidden fees and delivery fees that the third party is taking all for themselves, effectively charging your customers twice in addition to the commissions they charge the restaurant.

According to a very thorough recent study compiled by Restaurant Business Online, 74% of customers prefer ordering for delivery directly from the restaurant, as opposed to a third party:

With Say2eat, not only can you take advantage of an advanced delivery service in which everything is handled logistically from A-Z, but it is a mutually beneficial endeavor both for you as a restaurant business and for your valued customers.

With zero commissions charged off of orders placed, Say2eat exponentially grows the delivery aspect of it’s restaurant clients, effectively cutting any existing delivery costs by at least 50%! This, while offering a frictionless direct sales channel for delivery, which your customers crave. Furthermore, your customers will be able to order directly via the channels where they naturally live and spend 90% of their free time, such as Facebook Messenger with such a massive reach in the US alone. This strategy will be the best tool for growing your restaurants’ delivery sales.

Ordering from your restaurants for delivery now becomes truly as simple as messaging a friend, while also removing the discouraging barriers of downloading and registration in which we see 95% of people abandoning the ordering process altogether. Additional benefits are that with Say2eat, all customer data is delivered directly to the restaurant for full ownership as Say2eat automates the analysis of all customer data. This allows a restaurant to truly get to know their audience, along with key ordering behaviors and trends to understand exactly when and what their customers tend to order.

There is also a loyalty and repeat ordering layer built into Say2eat’s service, which automatically engages customers who abandoned their carts to encourage them to complete the order. This is effectively winning back 16% of lost revenue that otherwise would have been lost forever for Say2eat’s valued restaurant clients.

Even more significantly, Say2eat sends a “one click reorder” button to each and every customer who placed a past order. This makes ordering from your restaurants time and time again as convenient and repeatable as possible, and truly as simple as one click of a button as the customer’s payment method is already stored in the service from their past order. It is important to note that these re-engagements that are automated by Say2eat have 98% opening rates! This is because the customer receives the message in their face, and on their phone screen, with the restaurant’s logo and branding so they will not miss it.

Conversely, how would you re-engage a customer that ordered via a third party or website ordering? Perhaps you would send an email that would likely get buried in the spam folder, or have a low industry average 14% opening rate. I think we can all agree that 98% sounds a bit better than 14%…

The bottom line here is that with Say2eat’s full white label, direct delivery service, you will be able to grow your delivery sales in a healthy way that keeps your margins and profitability where they should have always been. Your customers also prefer ordering from you directly, simply and conveniently, which is exactly why Say2eat exists. To save costs and increase sales for the restaurants, and to increase completion rates and make convenience king to your valued customers. There is no question that this will be the best tool for growing your restaurants’ delivery sales.

What is stopping you from trying this cost effective strategy with Say2eat’s service today, and letting the results speak for themselves. Again, the idea here is to save our restaurant clients at least 50% on existing delivery costs, while increasing online sales by at least 15%. This, while delighting your guests with the ultimate guest experience that is truly convenient and as simple as messaging a friend. As you can see by some user reactions below who decided to leave some feedback, it turns out restaurant customers are really resonating with this frictionless ordering experience that saves them unnecessary hidden fees as well!:

Book a time to speak with Say2eat today about how we can help grow your restaurant business in a healthy way!


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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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