My oldest son Dawud asked me a few weeks ago, “How should we define success?”

I liked the usage of the word ‘we’ in the question, because there is a traditional definition of ’success’ out there, and my definition is a little different. This post is an answer to my son’s question.

Let me first clarify how I intend to use the word ’success’ here. You can be ’successful’ at something, and there is nothing wrong with that definition. I am also not defining success from a religious or spiritual perspective. …

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A few years ago I started asking parents within my friend circle to answer a pseudo-puzzle.

“Imagine your kid is 30 years old. She is in one of the two options:

Option 1: she has a fantastic carrier, but she is miserable in personal life.

Option 2: she has a modest and meaningful career, but also has a great personal life.

Which option would you prefer for your kid?”

I haven’t run into a parent yet who picked option 1 — they all pick option 2. This tells me the importance we do put on the personal well being of…

Political pundits often profess this popular theory that if we can somehow increase the participation on election day, then magically a lot of our societal and political ills will go away. Reality is… it won’t. I believe, at a subconscious level, most people do realize that.

If a typical election is considered to be a selection process of a (political) service provider, then this selection process does not match the rest of the professional world. As a result, a subtle cognitive dissonance (i.e., imbalance) can develop in the mind…

Abu Sayeed

Father of four. Co-founder, On Air Solutions, Inc. &

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