The writing class I’d like to teach
Jason Fried

I’d sign up!

As someone whose Pecha Kucha first draft was two hours (supposed to be six minutes forty seconds), whose TEDx first draft was three hours (supposed to be 18 minutes), whose 20x2 first draft was fifteen minutes (supposed to be two minutes), and who once gave a (failed) elevator pitch in an actual elevator and had to hold the Door Open button for two minutes to finish and didn’t even do that, the buzzer started buzzing, conciseness is NOT my jam and I’d love to get better at sharing all of my fantastic thoughts in a fraction of the time.

And still have space to breathe and to let others breathe, and embrace the power of silence.

I was a Camp Counselor at Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project this past weekend and went to a session by Liz Scully on how to create good video. One of her ideas that really stuck with me was status, and how to achieve low or high status when on camera (posture, volume, pace, movement, what you do with your hands, etc). As far as content and pace go, she said always leave your audience wanting more, and speak slowly as it lends an air of authority to your words.

Will attempt to remember this next time I write or speak. Or just be human. Good life tips.

Edit edit edit. Kill your darlings, as they say…

Intimate, feedback, sharing, learning to say more with less — put me on the roster!

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