Thanks to everyone who’s taken time to provide feedback on the tools we’re building. We’ve made some changes to the JS SDK and bumped it to v.0.2. …

Photo: Jack Dorsey/Twitter

Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, posted this tweet, the first in a long series about a birthday trip to meditate in Myanmar:

The tweet may have come off naïve considering the current context of Myanmar and the genocidal persecution of the ethnic Rohingya…

Synthesize your blockchain protocols, whitepapers and token sales into visual graphics so that everyone’s life becomes simpler.

I’ve come across quite a few blockchain companies that are pitching an amazing idea, but can’t get their message to move communities because it’s hard to understand.

Usability will determine your company’s success, so why not invest in making it as easy as possible for people to adopt you?

Quick Test

How inclusive and diverse dialogues will help build this system of the future.

Have you ever visited a blockchain company, explored their site and read their whitepaper — but had no idea what they were working on?

Or joined a community of crypto folks and felt like your voice wasn’t represented enough?

You are part of the 99%.

Even though the terms blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICOs have become buzzwords, there are still many who don’t know what it is, how it works or what it does.

Is this an issue? Yes. Because ecosystems and infrastructures can be influenced by the 1% — defined in this case as the…

What happens when two guys, a slack channel and a disruptive blockchain idea bring 41,000 people from around the world together.

A couple months ago, I met Rory O'Reilly and Kieran O'Reilly, founders of at a friend’s son’s birthday party. Amidst some bantering over watches and the latest tech news, Rory mentioned how they were about to take on MTurk through a new blockchain platform.

Get up to speed on the types of blockchains out there.

Last time, we dove into the types of ledgers aka types of blockchains there are. We learned about permissions and privacy, which basically decide who is allowed to read and write on the blockchain.

This time, we’ll look at examples of different ledger combinations:

  • Public-Permissioned
  • Private-Permissioned
  • Public-Permissionless
  • Private-Permissionless

It’s going…

Don’t worry, I got you.

Have you ever joined a blockchain conversation and tried to keep up, but were stuck from the words and concepts being thrown around?

Hone your blockchain speak-smarts by understanding the basics of blockchain through Understanding Blockchain!

Ledgers… oh, the ledgers…

If you’re just getting started, check out Blockchain for N00bs. It’ll give you the…

(Pictures to support you, included).

When I first got into blockchain and cryptocurrency, it was quite unintentional. It began a couple months ago, when I was a participant in many conversations around blockchain and cryptocurrency — that I had no idea how to follow. …

This is an Introduce Yourself post that originally appeared on, a social network site built on the blockchain.

By the time I finish this post, I’m sure it’ll already be deep into the night — not because I’m writing endlessly, but because I’m probably going to spend an hour…

A story about love, community and the power of Facebook in an emerging economy.

20 hours ago, I received a text message from my younger sister in Yangon, Myanmar. She wrote, “Duuuudeee, Grandma dissappeared.” What? It was 9am in Myanmar, and it did not make any sense. I was in San Francisco, California, eating mushroom pasta and clam chowder at 7:47pm. …

Saya Iwasaki

Always curious, always writing. Culture, Belonging and People Growth at @doordash. Formerly @bitski. MA @stanfordEd.

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