2017 WEEK 2

NFL Predictions

I will start predicting every game from each week for the rest of the season. It will be a great way to laugh at myself in the future and prove how NFL is too unpredictable to predict.

  • Texans at Bengals

Bengals win.

John Ross will start for the 1st time this season. This gives a more dynamic look to the Bengals offense. Texans are missing all of their TE over concussion. Watson will get his 1st start behind a horrible offensive line.

  • Bills at Panthers

Panthers win.

Newton played a lot better in the 2nd half last week. Benjamin, McCaffrey and Newton constitute an offense, hard to be beaten by Bills team adamant on trading away every good player they have. Bills might have been better than people expected but then again, they played the J-E-T-S.

  • Bears at Buccaneers

Buccaneers win.

Buccaneers should win this game and add some gas to the off season hype train. Buccaneers didn’t play last week because of hurricane Irma. They had one extra week to prepare for week 2. Bears winning away from home with a weak receiving core would be a shocker.

  • Vikings at Steelers

Vikings win.

Bold prediction alert! Steelers are the favorites to reach the superbowl from AFC. Vikings looked really good last monday. Bradford had the game of his life. Diggs looked like an actual star wide-out. Cook is a legitimate rookie of the year candidate. Steelers have a hall of fame trio at QB-WR-RB. Rothlesberger didn’t play well and Bell looked rusty. It is set up to be a close game but never count out the steelers at Heinz field.

  • Cardinals at Colts

Cardinals win.

Colts looked like the worst team in NFL without Luck. Cardinals lost their franchise RB Johnson over a wrist injury but their defense should be good enough to deal with a Tolzien-Brissett led colts offense.

  • Patriots at Saints
  • Patriots win

Some credit for patriots offense inefficiencies should go to Chiefs defense. Saints defense isn’t half as good as Chiefs. Hightower should return to the line up and help with shaky defense from last weeks 2nd quarter.

  • Browns at Ravens

Browns win.

Ravens defense was lit last week. Ravens made a fool out of Dalton. The browns O line is significantly better than Bengals. Browns defense played competitive football and Ravens don’t have Antonio Brown at WR. Browns will shock a lot of people this year (Hot Take!!)

  • Eagles at Chiefs
  • Chiefs win.

Eagles defense looked good but chiefs offense is too fast. Ronald Darby got injured last week for Eagles. It would be difficult to stop the trio of Hill-Hunt-kelce. Wentz against the Chiefs defense will be a great match up as well.

  • Titans at Jaguars
  • Titans win.

Jaguars can’t get 1000 sacks every game. Titans have one of the best O line in the league. Titans should be able to take care of a jaguars team with Bortles at QB. If Jags pull a win for the 2nd week in a row. That would be some News.

  • Jets at Raiders
  • Raiders win.

Jets are the worst team in football. Raiders are among the best team in NFL. Enough said.

  • Dolphins at Chargers
  • Dolphins win.

I feel Lynn will get out coached by Gase. Dolphins have a good balance in their team. Like the Bucs, Fins also got an extra week to prepare for the Chargers.

  • Cowboys at Broncos
  • Cowboys win.

Cowboys have a good receiver core. Great QB and an even better O line-RB combination. The Broncos offense didn’t look to difficult to deal with either. This could be a statement game for Denver, if they beat the ‘Boys.

  • 49ers at Seahawks
  • Seahawks win.

49ers were probably one of the worst team coming into the season. They didn’t help themselves last week. Shanahan had time management issues and Hoyer didn’t look good. Seahawks defense is too good this year for any 49ers chance.

  • Redskins at Rams
  • Rams win.

McVay bowl should be a fun match up. Wade Phillips defense should be able to Trump the ‘Skins offense. Aaron Donald is coming back into the line up as well. I expect the Rams to be the surprise team from NFC this year. This game will serve as a litmus test for the credibility if both the teams.

  • Packers at Falcons
  • Falcons win.

Falcons open their new stadium. Flacons have a fast defense and a very good offense. They destroyed the Packers in playoffs last year. This time around they should at least be able to beat them.

  • Lions at Giants
  • Lions win.

Eli Manning is half the player he was. Odell will comeback into the line up to boost the offense but the awful run game and O line won’t help the case for G-men. This could be a MNF for the ages.