12:23 Am.

As I look back to the times we’ve been there for each other I realize there are so many memories of ours. There have been the most beautiful times and little bad ones but out of everything our feelings remained constant. I don’t know what it’s developed into, It’s something more than love. I don’t know what it is. From the first day we held hands to today, where we share the most warm and beautiful hugs almost everyday. I cannot imagine a life where I’m just not there, in your car, next to you , leaning on you, hearing your heartbeat and keeping on talking to you Where every 2 minutes you kiss me on my forehead , tell me how cute I am or just say you love me. I cannot imagine a life where I really won’t get mad at you for the most stupidest things and not talk to you. I cannot imagine a life where there’s not a day where you actually guess I ain’t wearing clothes and get that cute tone and ask me to wear clothes and sit so that I don’t fall sick/ get cold. I cannot imagine a life where we don’t talk for the whole day and there’s not a iloveyou even for once. 
I cannot imagine a life where you don’t talk about our babies and how wonderful that life would be. 
In a world where you, me and a beautiful future is waiting for us. 
In a world where finally , there won’t be a craving for each other’s hugs and kisses 
In a world where freely we can move in together and come and go and talk and sleep and eat and go out and everything 
In a world if there’s no you, I don’t know how my life would have been. 
You’ve made me feel like the most most most beautiful lady of your life.
I love you for every single thing that you’ve ever done for me
And that’s the reason, I miss you every single day, hour, minute everything❤
It’s all because of you, I know what actually a relationship is. 
Handled with care, Filled with alot of love, Respect and a world I can never imagine without you ❤