The best home exterior designs to make the house beautiful

The home has taken a long journey from being a mere shelter to a design showcase in the modern era. Building a home is one of the biggest milestones a person wishes to achieve and needless to say, it is something that involves a lot of money and thus a lot of thought. It is usually one’s life ambition to build a house and it is achieved with a lot of planning. Both the interior as well as the exterior are given much importance and right from the planning stage, the house can be visualised in its entirety thanks to the advances in technology.

One of the first things that are planned about a house today is how the house will look from the outside or rather to the onlooker. Since the large majority of people will be viewing it from the outside home exterior design is given a lot of importance. This is given a further impetus by computer aided design that helps in giving a visual picture even before the first brick has been laid. This aspect is given importance when building a new house as well as in remodelling an old one. Today we can see the wide use of stone for cladding which lends a unique appeal to a house. Wood siding or a gable roof can transform an old flat roof house. Even good landscaping can visibly alter the exterior. Wide lush lawns and vertical gardens can make a house look dramatically different. Pergolas and stained glass windows or domes can change the elevation as well as increase the space and light within the house. The trend is hinting towards uncluttered designs comprising of clean cuts and fine lines as well as a greater use of glass in panelling or larger windows. The painting colours preferred today are also very different. Some people prefer stark whites and greys whereas other enjoy colours that ooze warmth. This is thus a very important part of designing a home.

The top of a house is constantly exposed to rain and sunlight and one of the major problems that develop as the house become older is that of leaking or in extreme cases even seepage. Thus we can see that many firms offer waterproofing solutions to keep the home safe and beautiful. Most of these solutions comprise of fibre reinforced elastomeric liquid that the top of the house is coated with. The roof needs to be cleaned and a base painted over which this liquid is painted. Some solutions are painted as series of different layers that fuse together to form a thick cover for the top and prevent water from seeping into the concrete.