Open heart, Almost lover.


Do you take me back to square one

Each time I try

To get out of us?


Do you pull me back into misery

While you fly

Off into the sun?


Do you utter those sweet whispers

Yet bid goodbye

Once each month?


Can’t you leave me

Or be with me

Pick one

For eternity.


Can’t you try

Forget the length of time

We could be.


Can’t you take that leap of faith

In the name of all that you claim

You feel for me?


Almost lover

You took us out too far

And left me stranded.

You let me plunge into a pool of obscurity

Where I lost me

Which a few can feel

But fail to really see.

Yet how can I blame you

When I can fit into your shoe too;

I’ve always been empathetic

Even though it hinders my healing.

So I see some of what you feel

And you feel about me differently

I guess this is the way

That us almost lovers will

Get out from the gray.