Dear Business Owners, Support Intrapreneurship for a diversive growth of your business

Well, this might sound as another promotional article, but it isn’t. It doesn’t endorse any particular hackathon or event, but focuses on the very spirit of intrapreneurship, which can be a new tool for recruiting new talent and building a great team which can work for the growth of your business.

Since past several decades, we have been depending on interviews for recruiting the talents we require. Well, yes, we have innovated upon the ways we have been interviewing our candidates, however, it still continues to circle around the same. This has led to the creation of a belief that employment is a reward, rather than an investment an individual makes to be a part of a bigger dream. Also, traditional employment has continued to drive business linearly. When a business has tried to chase a diverse growth, it has faced the requirement to create the requirements first, and then recruit accordingly. But, the tradition is now proving to be a failure, especially in the front led by startups. Companies have recruited people, and then suddenly realized that the talent required was unnecessary. But, at the same time, the companies failed to see that once they have recruited the people, they have “legally married” with their employees and they now ought to justly compensate the ones who stood at the losing side. But, before we all enter into that quagmire, we need to answer a question — “is all that necessary”?

Today is the age of globally pampered consumers, or in other words, businesses need to depend on the opinions of their consumers in order to secure a growth. After all, consumers are the ones who face the pain which the companies try to solve, and sell a solution to. So, consumers are the ones who can be the right identifiers of the pain, thereby making the products more focused on the solution rather than the business.

And therefore, hackathons are at your rescue.

The bottomline of this discussion is simple — focus on the way your candidate solves a problem and give more impetus to that rather than your candidate’s experience. This is also a management lesson from Ramayan — you do not always need highly talented people on your team. Even knowledge-hungry and ready-to-listen and disciplined team can build a bridge across an ocean. All that matters is the problem statement, and the solution propounded. After all, your relevance depends on how sellable you are, or in other words, how much does your solution to a problem matter in your immediate environment.

And, that draws you to intrapreneurship.

Recently, I got an invitation from the local Startup Weekend organizing team, about sponsorship. After calculating all the perks I could get for sponsoring, I found the prospect of sponsoring tickets for my freelancers’ network to be the best perk. After all, the event welcomes anyone who is enthusiastic about starting up, regardless of whether he/she owns an idea or not. And, I could actually get a number of businesses, which I could associate with and build my own consultancy business by showcasing their growth to the ecosystem. This was my version of the benefits.

You can always send your employees to such an event, in which they recognize a social challenge, and build a business around it, and get a team — you get new businesses, and you can invest your products in them, and build new success stories around your business, and firstly, you need not always hire anymore, and still you can have a say in a number of businesses, and build a relationship which goes in the mutual favour of yours and the businesses generated. And, I believe that new success stories around your products or services can help with your marketing, and therefore you can always give it a try.

Please do forgive me if I have said too much.

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