An ecosystem starts in Visakhapatnam with five start-ups, reputed mentors and supporters

21st February 2016 — Visakhapatnam [AP]

A journey that started with our esteemed participants and mentors, ended today with five start-ups and our esteemed jury panel. The teams developed their ideas, refined their edges and launched their startups today, under the mentorship of our esteemed coaches, thereby making the best utilization of the 54 hours allotted — everything happened without much talk being involved.

Jury for tonight included Shronit Ladhani, (an investor and a partner at Tykee Capital, Mumbai), P Sheela (Vice-Principal, GITAM Institute of Management), and Mr. L Chandrasekhar, CEO, INV Technologies.

We had ideas from being personal to every individual [being a personal secretary] to innovative technological ideas.

We had our winners today:

1. Edugeek — which is engineering upon the life of all college students academically and otherwise.

2. Amigo — Which is offering itself to be your Personal Secretary through AI.

And our crowd favourite was NiSHTa — coming out with many excelling features to develop a bigger global platform which binds the students and the companies at the base level.

These winners would get special offers from Hackmania and also free tickets to the August Fest, Hyderabad.

This was the second startup weekend of Visakhapatnam, and though it did not attract much crowd like last time owing to several reasons, it still received the love it deserves from Visakhapatnam. We hope to receive much more love in many days and years to come, to establish a strong entrepreneurial community in Visakhapatnam.

The journey ends today, but it starts a new era in Visakhapatnam, by starting a small community which would be responsible for all Techstars events [Techstars is the world’s largest accelerator headquartered in San Francisco], with an aim to bring Visakhapatnam to the global entrepreneurial map of the concentrated networks of accelerators and incubators worldwide, like Techstars, Omidyar Network, NASSCOM, and others from different parts of the world.

Event Metrics — 30+ registrants, 5+ ideas pitched, 8 teams formed, 0 team dropped out, 10+ sponsors/partners, 8+ mentors, 30+ support calls, 20+ mails, 5+ liters of cola, 70+ pies of pizza, 2 Kg+ of Fried Rice,lots of great food,, at Startup Village

Organizers: Ankur Mehta (Facilitator), Sayan Ganguly (Lead Organiser ), Dilshad Raza , Avinash Rintu , Maniraj Seelam (Organisers) :-)

Sponsors: , Hackmania, The August Fest, Oyo Rooms , Startup Village , Startup Moksha , Bean Board , 828 Chefs, Olympic xerox ,Yes We can, Global Sponsors include Google for Entrepreneurs, .CO, Coca-cola, Amazon Web Services.

Speakers/Mentors: Tyler Julliard (Beanboard), Ramakant (Aarch Connect ), Shronit ladhani (Tykee Capital), L Chandrasekhar (INV Technologies), krishna Sai Inkoolu (Innovator — Inventor of footwear for the blind), Prapun Kumar Illapani (HR Specialist)

Panelists: Shronit Ladhani (Tykee Capital), Ramakant Ketha (Aarch Connect), Chandra Shekar L (INV Technologies)

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