Jumping into the Unknown

I have had too many fantasies about “living life on the edge”. After all, my sheltered, uneventful life in my hometown could only offer so much thrill on an everyday basis. Until now.

Having recently relocated to a different country for academic reasons, everyday is a new beginning. New friends to make, new places to visit, new experiences to remember — every single day that I get out of bed is a wonder. Novelty is a way of life now.

But alas. Bam! and hiraeth strikes. A Welsh word for homesickness, hiraeth is a silent attacker. It doesn’t herald anxiety or melancholy with loud fanfare. It waits for loneliness to creep in, and when the time is right, it crushes the soul excruciatingly. I now understand how J.K. Rowling got the idea of dementors from.

I am not one to complain though. I welcome every single emotion with open arms. Both happiness and hiraeth are here to stay. You either accept it, or perish in the attempt.