The habits I would like to get rid of

  1. Procrastination. I am much more capable than what I manage to get done in a day.
  2. Restiveness. I get impatient when loved ones do not reply back ASAP.
  3. To not be a pushover sometimes.
  4. To be less annoyed towards babies.
  5. Laziness. I crave for that hot bod but I hate exercising.
  6. To not carry a grudge against people. It is fascinating how my brain manages to remember details of every inconvenience/hindrance/disturbance anyone has ever caused me.
  7. To cut down on my regular caffeine and chocolate intake.
  8. To do my laundry on time. I keep running out of underwear so often.
  9. To not feel the need to justify myself for my actions (as long as they do not hurt anybody) every goddamn time, just because I am a woman.
  10. To not drown in self-deprecation. At least one may try.