How We Like To Live

I love how life has become easier for most people around the world. I love how in much of the world, even the poorest among of us have an incredibly high standard of living compared to the generations before us. I love how having an Internet connection is considered a basic human right, and that the world has a reached a level of interconnectedness that our parents could only imagine.

With all advances come the darker sides, and while sure, we pretty much have an idea of what the dark side of a world wide web can look like, I’m thinking more about how our advances have affected our health. What we choose to eat; what we choose to put in and on our bodies for the sake of convenience.

For the sake of convenience. That’s exactly it. It seems we’d rather a quick fix, even if it isn’t a permanent one. We want our food to have the strongest flavor, be ready as fast as possible, and fill us up with minimal effort.

Long term health doesn’t work like that. Modern medicine is nothing short of miraculous. We can heal acute diseases that would’ve killed our great-grandparents. But along with all that, we’ve lost what it means to keep our long term health up, using healthy eating and healthy living habits.

More coming soon!