You’re Killing Your Hair

The stuff you put on your scalp is KILLING your hair.

I have a crazy idea: STOP PUTTING CRAP ON YOUR SCALP. I know it’s easier to use dry shampoo than to shower, but do tell: do you want to still have hair on your head? Easier isn’t always better, cuz you might be paying for all that time saved in ways you’d rather not.

Oh, you like that your shampoo suds up a storm when you put it on? Well, thank the chemical called SLS. It’s a detergent , and it’s in your shampoo to make you feel like you’re getting cleaner. What it does is to act like a detergent, and strip your hair of good oils needed for hair health. Go with alternative cleansers, or wash your hair a little less often.

While it’s so tempting to save time so you can go spend it elsewhere, not all time saved is worth what it will cost. Spend a little bit of time taking care of your hair, and your hair will take care of you.

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