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Perhaps Alex Jones could have found a better way of saying it, but what he has stated is absolutely true. The bleeding heart liberals, not only in England and across Europe, but here in the United States, place every one of their country men in grave danger, with their misguided “charitable” acts. I keep saying that Islam is not and never was a religion of peace, it is and always a vicious and violent cult, conceived in the mind of a lecherous, pedophile who was also a murderer, liar and thief who spread his insanity through violence and intimidation. This so-called “religion” has been spread down through the ages by like-minded vicious and soulless scum who dream up, in their demented minds, the most violent and sickest methods of killing those who don’t think as they do. As for ‘moderate Muslims’, if such a creature exists, they do not last very long, because they will end up just as dead as non-Muslims, because either you accept ALL of the teachings of the Quran and embrace Sharia law or you are NOT a true Muslim, and for some reason known only to themselves, liberals seem unable to grasp the truth about Islam or they choose not to believe it. They seem to trip over each other to show who is the most charitable and accepting of others, no matter how dangerous or immoral those others may be, which is why they bend over backwards to embrace homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and other sexual perverts, along with those who will kill them and their children at the drop of a hat, be they Muslims or illegals swarming into our country.

This, my fellow Americans, is the danger of the leftist ideology. Perhaps we should be seriously thinking of eradicating liberalism along with the Islamic ideology, because as long a liberalism in all of its various forms (socialism, communism, progressives, etc,) we can never be really safe and secure.