Sayema Sahar: The legendary singer who is winning hearts worldwide!

Sayema Sahar ABP comes as a highly recognized Indian classical singer who has risen to fame with renditions of famous classical Indian music genres. While she has been honored with numerous awards for her soulful voice, she has sung more than 200 songs during his decade long music career. Well, her journey to the top is quite motivational and she can certainly be quoted as a living example for many aspiring female singers.

Sayema Sahar ABP
Sayema Sahar ABP

Early life and career of Sayema Sahar

Sayema Sahar ABP was born and brought up in the city of Kolkata and right from her childhood, she discovered her interest in singing. While his father used to work at a local garment factory, it wasn’t that easy for them to make the ends meet. This is where her mother thought of starting the laundry services in order to bring some extra money for her family. Although financial problem got sorted, little Sayema got deprived of the care and love she wanted at an early age. This is where she got in touch with “Rama Tai’ who took her responsibility in her mother’s absence.

Well, Sayema Sahar ABP wasn’t aware that Rama Tai was also passionate about music and once she came to know about it, she started practicing under her shadow. It was only a matter of time that little Sayema started taking part in various singing competitions within her vicinity and won almost each one of them. Her melodious voice took everyone’s heart and she quickly rose to fame after getting noticed by one of the most famous music directors in bollywood. That was just the dream start Sayema Sahar ABP was looking for her singing career and soon she got her debut in a famous movie with some highly recognized actors.

Sayema Sahar ABP
Sayema Sahar ABP

Establishing herself in the Indian music industry

Sayema Sahar ABP never looked back after that and sung almost 200 songs in languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu for the next 10 years. As of now, she is an established name in the film industry and secured some huge fan base across various parts of globe. Well, the journey wasn’t that easy and even she got to witness certain disappointments within the start of her career. Still she didn’t give up and went on with her undying efforts in the same direction.

Paving her way forward in the service of talented underprivileged kids

Currently, she got some of the best singing projects under her kitty and scheduled to sing around in various global ceremonies. Quite recently she delivered her performance in the annual function of ABP news where she took everyone’s heart with her soulful voice. Well, if we talk about her hobbies a part form singing, she loves dancing and painting in her spare time. She is also an avid traveler who loves to discover new places and meeting new people during the course of her journey .She is currently living in a lavish house at the heart of city Mumbai with her parents. Moreover, she is also planning to launch a singing academy where she would love to bring all the under privileged kids who are coming on board with loads of talent.

Sayema Sahar ABP
Sayema Sahar ABP

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Sayema Sahar: The legendary singer who is winning hearts worldwide, Sayema Sahar comes as a highly recognized Indian classical singer.

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