Accusationes Ad Nauseum


Samuel Sayer

Whether from the miscreants at the New York Times, or via the sodomites at CNN, the daily hurling of unsubstantiated accusations against the Trump White House is having a profound effect on this scribbler.

Firstly, it has reduced their already minimal credibility into negative territory. This writer no longer simply doubts the veracity of the MSM spew, but is now compelled to assume it is all the vilest of lies.

Secondly, instead of suffering through the odious defecation of obviously engineered excrement served up as “news” each morning and evening, this opiner will now spend those previously wasted hours sharpening his wit and pen to do battle with the foul fabulists, whether Democrat or leftist demagogue, whether buggerer or abortionist — on a quest to shed light on the dark, diabolical, and deviant interests that now work to drag the dream that was America into the sewer of their relativism.

Donald Trump needs our help — now more than ever. Having won the White House, we must now fight with him to save the nation. The fight for 2018 and 2020 must begin now!

Just as we donned our red caps for 2016, we must now make a visible and unmistakable sign of our continuing determination to make America great again. It cannot happen so long as the leftist Democrats and their perverted press monkeys hold ground in Washington DC. The swamp can never be drained so long as the source of the sewage remains.

Each one of us, as loyal Americans, must make it known that we are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore! We must let the likes of Schumer and Pelosi, of Comey and Clapper and Clintons and the Obaminations know that we will not be driven back — that we are here to stay! And to fight!

We were born a Christian nation. If we must perish in the fight, let it be as a Christian nation!

So, let the political prostitutes and buggering bureaucrats; the leftist press, the DNC, and the dirty-tricksters know we will not stand by and let them build Sodom and Gomora on the soil won by the blood of patriots! Let the battle begin. Onward, Christian soldiers!

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