DC prostitutes.

Everything Wrong with America is Winning Again


Samuel Sayer

It is the perennial lament of everyday Americans that the crowd in Washington is what’s wrong with America. Yet now it appears that crowd is winning again. But not by honorable means, of course, but by the same old slimy, back-stabbing, self-serving tactics that have made a caricature of our Republic. Our “representatives” do not represent us; they represent themselves and the elitist clique whose money buys them as cheaply as 14th Street whores.

We of the heartland made a Herculean effort to stem this slide into the sewer by sending an outsider into the middle of this dismal swamp. Though accepting the Republican mantle, our hero is in fact super political, valuing his dedication to the people of the nation and the historical values they hold over any allegiance to the political miscreants of either stripe. Now he battles the swamp’s most vile and pernicious inhabitant, that Lernaen hydra whose heads are the entrenched ignoble bureaucracies and mendacious and lascivious congress of baboons who defend their filth and degeneracy with demonic fervor.

If our hero can sustain the battle until the 2018 midterms, our only hope of saving the nation is to turn out the jackals, Democrat and Republican alike, and replace them with true Americans who will join him as he fights to reclaim the American dream from the pornographic nightmare that now grows darker and ever more lethiferous.

Of particular and immediate concern is the increasing harp of journalistic sodomites, pseudointellectual reprobates, and political prostitutes. Their increasing Siren’s call is taking its toll on the brave wayfarers who follow our champion. Their ignoble intentions weaken resolve, and are in danger of sinking the ship of state on the rocks depravity, dishonesty, and debauchery. For they care not for our souls, or the souls of our children, but only seek to gratify their basest, most subhuman urges and desires.

Daily now we see the spreading pestilence. Depraved Democrats become every bolder as the miasma of their hypocrisies and obscenities cloud the judgement of legitimate citizens; rapscallion Republicans abandon the facade of rectitude with which they bamboozle their constituencies into believing they are men of honor and intent at each election cycle, and now fearlessly expose their prurient natures.

As this scribbler has penned in other places: You cannot drain the swamp until you remove the source of the sewage! If we are to save some semblance of this nation for our children, we must act now, or watch America descend into the degeneracy and debauchery that are the only offerings of the swamp dwellers and their minions. Let the 2018 campaign begin today! Onward Christian Soldiers!

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