In the Year 2018…


Samuel Sayer

In the year 2018,

Satan’s minions will convene,

As Democrats, Soros’, and Clinton’s fools,

With vice and sin and wanton tools,

Recast a nation’s once proud dreams,

Amid the tortured children’s screams,

And all that’s good gets put to shame,

As lies and filth and hate obtain.

Yet, in the year 2018,

One patriot’s courage with hope still clings

To the idea that all men ought be free

From the chains a liberal’s world decrees,

And with the battle of the ballot cast,

Can drain the DC swamp at last -

Of Democrat and Republican wastrels all,

And save this nation from a fall.

Forgive this scribbler’s attempt at poetry. I make no excuses. But the fate of the nation lies in the balance. Either we will be One Nation Under God, or we will become a pit of traitorous vipers; a brothel of political whores; a pawn to the socialist internationalists. (See my upcoming article: The Socialist Unmasked.)

We showed our metal in 2016, and succeeded when the establishment and the MSM said we would fail. We must show that same metal in 2018, by helping President Trump drain the fetid swamp that is Washington, D. C., and destroy the Deep State serpents that inhabit it. There can be no party loyalty, only loyalty to the nation — to the American dream! And we must let them all know NOW that notice has been served. Let our clarion call be: DRAIN THE SWAMP IN 2018! Let posters be printed! Let these words adorn every edifice. Let them ride on every breath we exhale. Let us pen them in every communication; share them with friends and foes alike; take them as our solemn oath.

And most importantly, let us send this message to the minions of the swamp, that they might tremble at the glorious rage of a free American people!