James Comey: Liar Extraordinaire


Samuel Sayer

In a previous scribble, this writer tried to make some sense of the actions of the former FBI Director, James Comey. I must now own up to my mistake.

Wanting to find some justification for my sense that James Comey was a decent fellow, I proposed a theory stating that his reasons for going public with the Clinton email investigation, and in so doing usurping the powers of the Attorney General in declaring the offenses unprosecutable, were to prevent the matter from being buried by Clinton operables (the AG first and foremost). I now realize the error of that assessment.

It now appears that Comey was creating a fail-safe position for himself. By exposing and then absolving Clinton’s crimes, he removed any possibility that the email scandal would plague a Clinton presidency. The matter would be a done deal, and could be put aside as was the Oval Office philandering of her husband. Democrats are most forgiving the more prurient the subject, it seems. And certainly eliminating such an odious burden from a Clinton presidency would certainly have its rewards.

On the other hand, on the outside chance that Trump would win the presidency, Comey’s claim to be the last honest man standing, emphasized by the “nauseous” nature of the choices he claimed, would certainly sit well with the Republican establishment with which he had previously associated. With all the arrogance of a “career” bureaucrat, this writer now believes that he and the Republican establishment believed they would be able to handle a renegade Trump, with only minor inconveniences.

Comey was wrong; I was wrong. Comey — wrong about Trump. I — wrong about Comey.

Comey’s testimony before Congress gives the impression of a man anything but honorable. He seems to have written his own legal primer, and then used its twisted definitions to explain his actions. Far from being a straight-up lawman and dedicated constitutionalist, his performance carried the air of a practiced political hack. He also exuded an air of untouchability that is repugnant in a “career” lawman, but expected from a bureaucratic gigolo.

One thing is for certain — James Comey’s interests are his own. The rule of law and the primacy of the Constitution obviously mean little to him. As a result, his veracity is suspect. At best he is an “artful” liar. And worst — and as I now opine — Comey would sell his soul to Beelzebub to protect and prolong his bureaucratic tenure.

Now comes a “memo”, supposedly penned in honest reflection of his meeting with President Trump. This scribe must suspect that, given his past performance, Comey intent in leaking said document to the princes of Sodom and Gomora, for further dissemination to the addled and incompetent, can only be for the purpose of fortifying his bureaucratic rat hole. For surely if he can aid and abet in the downfall of Donald Trump, a future coalition of Clintonasties and Obamanations would herald him as a hero returned! Of course, regardless of what the future holds, James Comey is no more than a liar extraordinaire!

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