(Scene from The Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox, 1968)

A Judiciary of Dunces


Samuel Sayer

Once again, an arrogant and overreaching judiciary usurps power constitutionally reserved for the President of the United States (this time at the hands of a “so-called judge” in Hawaii). Certainly, at some point, this continued abuse by unelected, contemptuous pretenders to justice will be answered by the American people. I, for one, would not waste my spit on these characters. My opinion of these black-robbed quacks now brings a simmering anger to a full boil! America, left to the idiocies of these authoritarian charlatans, is surely doomed. There can be no respect for “the law” when it is commandeered by reprobates and fools. There can be no respect for “so-called judges” that side with Jihadists, abortionists, and buggerers against good, God-fearing, honest, and hard-working American citizens.

Unfortunately, my gentle nature has finally succumbed to a well-earned rage. If the left can laud the guttural, artless, eructations of a drug-addled, moral degenerate’s mocking of a President’s assassination, then I can pray that good Americans will courageously harvest the strange fruit of liberal, federal judges hung from the lamp-posts of America’s cities. For the only cure for their stubborn stupidity is to wrest their wretched souls from their debauched mortal coils. Hang them all!

Sadly, as I must teach my children and their children the disgrace of our increasingly morally profligate and intellectually moronic federal judiciary, good judges must be swept up among the fools. But so it must be, until those few who truly honor their stations and the Constitution that empowers them point the damning finger at their imbecilic brethren and say: “No more! Be gone you fools!” We can only pray for that day of impeachment, or the dangling of these dim-witted barristers from the streetlights. The Hawaiian hack has endangered my children and their children and should be the first one strung up!

Sadly, as well as a few good judges caught up in the present legal atrocities, there are still a few good Americans on the left coast. But if present trends are allowed to continue, they will find their progeny trapped in a land (and its island offshoots), domain of the 9th Judicial Circus, whose posterity will be comprised largely of fanatical decapitators, an illegal alien underclass, aborted Caucasian fetal corpses, and jismed turds.