Endless Chatter. When Do We Start Solving?
Leslie Loftis

I’m almost 50 years old. The older I get, the more often I see these things making the rounds again, you are absolutely right.

I think why the Boy Crisis is back up at bat is because we are seeing this decade’s consequences of the ongoing cultural metamorphosis. Once the alarm stories were that people didn’t always feel the need to get married, have children, or hang around them if they had them. The new story is that sometimes a few people feel the need to get married, have children, or hang around them if they have them.

The old story was that we were growing a few generations of young men who did not have fathers, like their parents had grown up with. But this decade’s story is that we have a huge number of young men that don’t just not have a father, they have no clue at all what a father is. They also have had no actual models, their entire lives, of what a real man is. We have a huge subset of the young population who are waking up and realizing they want to be men — and they don’t even know anyone who knows anyone who knows a guy who might put them in touch with what a man is supposed to be.

Then they go on the internet. . .

Will we do anything about it this time around? How can we? We didn’t do anything when the problem was addressable. Now the problem is so bad I can’t think of anyone out there that has any substantial suggestions for tackling it (yourself excepted, but that is in an important but discreet subarea).

Good story, right questions, can’t begin to fathom the answers.

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