Those hateful things to handle as an adult

And I don’t mean income taxes

It is a messy life to care. To the person with bills to bear. But the world says just to go. And the person just follows the flow. It could be a bad parody of ‘Life on Mars’, but it is our own lives. When I was a teenager girl in South America, there was something I wished so much above everything else: being independent. It is not directly related to the idea of being an adult, now I know, but in those times it was indistinguishable to me. This was good because I grew up faster than the most of my friends, had my first job very young and quickly had enough experiences to notice what I wanted for a job, in a house, etc. But there were such things that I would never know about adulthood and independence that now, ten years later, I can list.

Tiny food pieces crumbling in my backpack

Sometimes when I lose a pen, for example, in the black hole in my backpack, I tuck my hand deeply there to reach out it, and when I pull my hand back it is full of sticky crumbs of things, like cookies, bread, candies, chocolates, etc. Then I decide to wash the backpack, but I don’t have time enough at the moment and it is postponed until the end of the next month. Just to be in the exact same way one week after the cleaning. I don’t know how I do this, really. But I heard that the same strange phenomenon happens with a lot of my friends. So…
Note: after I brought the Konmarie method to my life, it doesn’t happen very often anymore. But it still happens.

Buying curtains and small things for my house

As a teenager, I used to fantasize about my future home. I had a nice activity which was to make lists about what I would need in a house. Then I calculated everything to know how much money I would spend and planned how many months I would need to work to have that amount of money. What I didn’t know was the little extremely expensive things that a home needs and nobody tells you. Like curtains. Luminaries. Shelves. Draining board. Jars. Laundry baskets. Iron. Those ordinary things that together could cost an XBOX One. And when you think you are free from them, they keep appearing from time to time. Buckets. New chairs. Doormat. Watering can. Wine glasses. It is a curse. (But be blessed, Ikea).

Waste sorting

I grew up in a house where everyone knew how to separate the waste and we always did it. But in my hometown it was just separate the organic from the dry waste, very simple. In Sweden, where I live now, you must separate glass, plastic, paper, metal, etc, and by colors and types. Newspaper paper, plastic bag, green bottle, transparent bottle, etc. I have five trash cans and it is not enough. Sometimes I want to punch everything together in the same big plastic bag instead of put the things carefully into each right can. I never have done this, but sometimes it seems to be much more nicer to watch a video on Youtube than spend 5 minutes (!!!) separating items that I will throw away. At times I find myself in the grocery store facing the products, thinking about the size of the their package and how much volume they would make in my cans - since you must to walk almost 2km to get the nearest waste collection, it is more useful to not make a large amount of items so you don’t need to go there many times in a week. In the snow.
Perhaps this aspect of adulthood makes me more conscious, I don’t know. But it is still annoying.

Saving and managing money

One of the hardest things to do as an adult, no doubt. I have been improving this skill since I started to live alone, five years ago. And there is always something new to learn and some new mistake to make. The truth is: most of us don’t see the fun in the activity of keeping track of our expenses, because it means we are always losing money. Like, every minute. I have some friends who made some kind of gamefication with it, and I am trying to adopt the idea. But it is still a working-in-progress.

Keeping a house cleaned and organized the most of the time

You cook, you dirty. You eat, you muck up. You wear, you smudge. You play, you, mess. It could be an Alanis Morissette song, but it is your life. While there is life happening, there is something to clean, it is simple, but it is the worst thought to keep in mind. Isn’t it? 
I want to make a dinner for my friends, then I realize that I need to organize my living room, to clean the kitchen after the cooking, and to collect the wine glasses in the next morning. I feel tired just to think about. I have read a lot of articles and ways to keep the house cleaned most of the time, but it doesn’t work always. Does this magic happen just with me?

Applying life hacks to my life

There is the hack which is useful to make your objects work better - and they seem cute on the Pinterest and very ugly in your house (this is a truth I honestly accepted) - and there is that life hack to turn your lifestyle better or super cool. And every time I open my Medium feed I try to avoid the life hacks articles, but I always fall into the temptation. I don’t know why. Just to feel awful after trying to bring them to my life. It may be some kind of self torture. Who knows? ‘150 things everyone should do before 5 a.m.’ is a recurrent subject with its variations, but not as much as ‘10 ways to ____(fill with whatever people are trying to do and failing miserable)’. The truth is: there is no secret to have a better life that fits for everyone. But I keep insisting on to learn something with all those life hacks. Damned millennial people.

Not doing the stuff that I carefully planned for the day

I can’t control my will, no matter what. That may be my biggest secret. I have this Bullet Journal where I plan my days carefully with the conviction that I will follow the script the strict minimum, but I often change the entire plan just because I don’t feel in the mood. And this tool - which was something supposedly to help me to get things done - turns into a report of the things I didn’t do, replaced with the things I actually did in the end of the page. It is ridiculous to look at. And I hate this. But I must confess that sometimes I like to think that nobody, even myself, can take control of my routine. And on the other hand, making lists is useful, even when you don’t follow them stringently. Because at least you know what you need to do.

… and in the end

It is always the same truth.

But the film is a saddening bore
 ’Cause I wrote it ten times or more
 It’s about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on