Dimensions And Verticals

A young woman stands above a drafting table, stumped and unsure of what to draw. “A-ha,” she finally exclaims, and begins sketching a young man. She begins with his feet (he wears Saucony sneakers) and makes her way upward. She draws pants on his legs, a belt on his waist, a tee shirt on his torso and a gives him a nice, normal looking face. At first he wears an expression of calmness, but soon the two-dimensional young man realizes he is in an unfamiliar, blank place. He begins to panic a bit, looking every which way to find some sort of indication of his purpose for existing. Finally, he looks directly forward and notices the young woman. She exists on a totally different plane, is very tall and is full of color and texture. He looks at his own hands and wonders why they are so black and white compared to the woman. “Is this my maker?” he asks himself. He says hello, but she has long since become bored with her art project and is looking at her television set instead. Days, months and years go by for the young man. It’s only a few minutes in the young woman’s world, but time works differently there. Like when you travel through wormholes in space. The good thing is that the young man never gets any older during these days, months and years. The bad thing is that he is BORED out of his mind. He asks, sometimes at the top of his lungs, for her to perhaps draw him some friends to hang out with. They don’t even have to be that interesting, he says. But his requests fall on deaf ears. Eventually, long after the nice looking young man has gone insane from his bland existence, the young woman starts thinking about dinner. Thai maybe, she thinks, but ultimately decides on pizza.

12 Days To Go → http://kck.st/2jZnAzI

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