Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks

Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks is a song about maximum chaos. Minimalism has its place, of course, but for this one I wanted to throw a bunch of multi-colored paint at the wall to see what shapes it would make. What resulted was some kind of advertisement for jeans where a boy or a girl wakes up with matted hair and has one of those quick-cut flashbacks to what happened the night before. Perhaps it is 1978 and the night in question is Halloween. Perhaps it is New Orleans, perhaps it is Laurel Canyon or the Hollywood Hills. Hard to say. Also, for reasons I will never understand, a LOT of people think the line “She touched my knee” is “She touched my wiener.” I regret to tell you all that it is NOT that kind of song.

21 Days To Go → http://kck.st/2jZnAzI

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