Let’s Talk About Spaceships

The narrator of the song Let’s Talk About Spaceships is an odd bird, which means that other odd birds, like myself, find him to be A-OK. He belongs to a secret society, the same one that most of you reading this belong to. It’s the kind that celebrates games like Dungeons & Dragons, extensive discussions about the mythology of vampires, Weird Al, pun jokes and Garbage Pail Kids. Members of this society also like SCIENCE-fiction way more than NON-fiction. That’s why you should never try and talk to us odd birds about raw emotion. We will tell you in time how we feel, but it will be in an indirect way. We might start bands and write songs from other people’s perspectives to get the point across. Or we might try and give you a high five (we don’t always know what to do with our limbs in uncomfortable situations). Regardless, if you ever encounter an odd bird like the one from the song, just know that he appreciates you going with the flow when he tries to change the subject to something stellar.

20 Days To Go → http://kck.st/2jZnAzI

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