Poor Pete Is A Bit Self Conscious

There is a very important distinction between Poor Pete from the song Poor Pete Is A Bit Self Conscious and the real vampires we will encounter (tomorrow?) on Impeccable Blahs. Namely, Pete just likes to THINK that he’s a vampire. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of course but, eventually, once Siouxsie has rejected him enough times, he will get in his off-white Saturn, have a good cry, and start down a different path. This will ultimately lead to him becoming a math teacher. He will end up finding beauty in both numbers and in one of the other teachers at the school. The feeling will be mutual and their students will be genuinely happy for them once they become engaged. Some day, decades later, one of their offspring will meet a nice young vampire girl and offer her his neck in marriage too, achieving what Pete could never accomplish himself. A single tear of joy will run down Poor Pete’s cheek when he hears the news, because he will have never been more proud in his whole life.

12 Days To Go → http://kck.st/2jZnAzI

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