Sad, But Endearingly So

Sad, But Endearingly So is a song about vampires. The gist is that a committee gets to decide, via an interview process, which humans get to be on the menu for the daily vampire office feast. Candidates submit résumés and cover letters and the committee schedules an interview. Most don’t make it to a second interview (they’re not right for consumers, i.e. to be consumed) and any applicant that does make it to a second round will need to submit a taste of their blood to the senior partners, for confirmation that they are not only edible, but delicious! Much like a human cafeteria will switch it up with Taco Tuesday, Hot Wings Wednesday, Meatball Thursday, etc., Vampires, Inc. switches it up each day by categorizing by an individual’s intrinsic personality trait, i.e. Happy Mondays, Goofball Tuesdays, Wacky Wednesdays. It’s Friday in the song, so the cuisine du jour, naturally, needs to be someone who is sad, but endearingly so. HR had a big problem for while with choosing those that were sad, but in a sad way, and the general consensus was that there was just too much of an iron-like aftertaste. Bon Appétit!

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