She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness

She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness is a song about vampires. In this one we find two lovers on a road trip, enjoying all the sights and sounds and other things normal people enjoy on road trips. There’s just one catch. She’s human and he’s the Prince Of Darkness. Many people attribute that title to Satan or the devil himself, but what they don’t know is that it’s actually reserved for the oldest living (non-living) vampire in existence. Naturally, they travel at night (they didn’t make sunscreen with a high enough SPF for vampires in 2005, when this song was written) through speedtrap infested Ohio and past The Wisconsin Dells. [At this point in Say Hi To Your Mom’s career, there had been a lot of touring loops driven around the US and I started to learn about things like the prevalence of both the highway patrol in Ohio and the roadside advertisements for The Dells while traveling between Chicago and Minneapolis. I’ve still never been to The Dells or to Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World, the other thing you see advertisements for on that stretch of interstate.] Both lovers are content to just drive, mostly in silence, but occasionally they will enjoy whatever classic rock station gets beamed to their Toyota Corolla’s AM/FM tuner. She contemplates both her blog and how to juice more power from the CPU she just soldered to a motherboard for a top-secret project she’s working on for a joint task force between the US and German governments. He mostly just stares into the darkness with his keen vampire vision (when it’s safe he turns off the headlights), meditating on the beautiful rhythms of the deer heartbeats hidden in the thickets as they whoosh by. Where will they go? Where are they headed? Not even I know. And I invented them!

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