The Death Of Girl Number Two

The Death Of Girl Number Two is a song about puppet masters. In this case, a tiny creature has inhabited a woman’s body for decades, using her human shell as a marionette to do its bidding. The woman’s lover had always suspected as much, and it is confirmed via autopsy and scalpel once she (the shell) has passed. The creature scurries away but not before a newspaper columnist is able to confirm the odd truth for an obituary. When the story runs, a collective sigh can be heard throughout the metropolis. However, the saddest part isn’t that the marionette theory has been proven, nor that the human woman has died. The saddest part is that the man doesn’t realize that he too is inhabited by the same sort of manipulating creature and that the universe will be off-kilter until his own human shell has finally expired. Only then will his own little bugger be able to shed it’s skin and rejoin his previously-scurried-away counterpart.

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