The Forest Scares The Hell Out Of Me

Not gonna lie, the forest does scare the hell out of me. Sometimes I wake up in a daze, covered in dirt and leaves, unaware of how I ended up in the thickets of woodland cover. It’s extra scary if the wakeup in question happens in the middle of the night when I can hear the distant witch cackles and the squonks and belches of the bulbous toads. It’s true, the air breathes cleaner there and it’s nice to not be staring at a backlit screen for a little while. But, much like the narrator of the song The Forest Scares The Hell Out Of Me, I feel much calmer when I finally trek my way out and see the giant neon yellow fast-food signs peaking through the blanket of smog. “Ah,” I always exclaim. “I’m home.”

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