The Key Of C

Breakups can be matter of factual and level headed, as we find in the song The Key C. A narrator recounts his admiration for his girl. He recognizes the obvious combustible chemistry, the shooting stars in her eyes. But alas, he also points out, they could never take the time to actually sit down with the cat to ask him what his name was (to spite his stupid human owners, Enrique the cat [why did they always call him Cat?] would make sure to scratch up their furniture good, ignoring a purrfectly good scratching-post right next to couch). In the end, after generously bequeathing his pogo sticks to her (he really loved those jumpy rascals), our human narrator (not Enrique, to be clear) points out that there are already a thousand beaus waiting to try and win her hand. Of particular interest to me (neither Enrique the cat nor the narrator of the song) is the line about the lying politician [remember, this song was written in 2003]. I absolutely know it’s not entirely the case, but THAT lying politician somehow seems innocuous compared to THIS lying politician.

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