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I spent a considerable number of years, living in the past, worrying about something that happened, or in the future worrying about what’s yet to come.

All the while, wasting the present moment, the one I actually have some control over. I have often wondered how different life would be…

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Sometimes I’ve got this strange feeling
That is hard to describe.
I can’t set it free,
I don’t have the keys to its lock,
I’m stuck with it.
Until it goes to sleep,
Waiting for the perfect moment,
To wake up again.

I have dealt with feeling worried my whole life.

When I was about to finish high school…

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Music Finds Its Way into the Secret Places of the Soul

I think people who can play a musical instrument, or can sing and dance, are extremely attractive.
Every single time I’ve learned that a person can sing, or play a musical instrument really well, ir groove to the beats of the song in the background with a droolworthy ease, I’ve almost…

Nisha Karthigeyan

The idli sambhar girl who wants to write her own Book! Iam an avid blogger. Writing is my passion.

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